S05 Tilt & Lift -Magnetically Operated Blinds Closed Together To The Top (Handels on both sides)

Model: S05 

Name: Magnetically Operated Blinds Between Glasses

Description: Tilt & Lift -magnetically operated blinds closed together to the top (Handels on both sides)

Slot (width: 33mm)

Blinds (width:12.5mm, thickness: 0.18mm)

Tilt Handle (adjust the angle of blinds)

Black Glue (thickness: 8mm)

Lift Handle  (adjust the height of blinds)

Tempering Glass (thickness optional: 4, 5, 6,8,12mm)

Hollow Thickness:19A

Products Thickness: 4mm+19A+5mm (standard)

Minimum Size: 200mm* 530mm

Maximum Size: 1200mm*2300mm

For: middle partition, hotel, villa, office, hospital, sunlight room…etc


Blinds can be tilted in 180 degrees to make lights comfortable.

Fill the gas argon into twi-glass for energe conservation and sound & heat insulation.