Maintenance Window Blinds Work Content

Mar. 08, 2017

Many of the family will be installed in this blinds equipment, including motorized blinds and magnetically operated blinds, sometimes the blinds will also have some problems because of some reason, so it requires timely maintenance, so as to extend the life of the blinds, then when people in the maintenance work, how to maintain the window?

First of all, if the blinds are relatively clean, or maintenance is very good, the rope is not damaged, we do not need to remove the blinds. Secondly, if the blinds to the curtains to the lap, then it because the blinds and curtains are too close, so it is more trouble at the time of repair, it is necessary to remove the curtains, in the maintenance of blinds, we also need to pay attention to check the screws and other equipment, so as to avoid loosening.

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