How to Clean The Bedroom Window Blinds?

Nov. 29, 2018

We can clean the bedroom window blinds in accordance with the following way.

First, before we clean the bedroom window blinds, we have to find the cloth, and to keep the cloth clean, and then we can cut it off the front, so that it can be the same as a glove, wrapped the hand in the cloth.

Second, we poured into the amount of white vinegar on the cloth, and then gently wipe the glass, because all the hands are included in the cloth, so that you can guarantee a 360-degree to wipe the blinds, then we should make full use of this advantage, it should be wiped the front and back to ensure that there will be no excess dust and traces.

Third, after the basic cleaning, we use the sponge brush to brush the window blinds, so that you can remove the dust, so you can keep the leaves are clean.