Installation Location of Skylight

Nov. 29, 2018

When you decorate your house, do you want the sky to become part of your house? Electronic control skylights are the best choice. This is a way to introduce more natural light into the room, bringing more interior space into the room. You can create a window on the ceiling, and you can open many sunroof ventilation. But before you install you have to know something.

The first is the plan, just be sure to plan carefully to achieve the most pleasing and efficient results, adding a skylight in the kitchen or bath has different effects than adding a window. The skylights absorb light well, will limit the summer sun's high-angle glare, but also capture the winter sun's low-angle rays. So the location of the skylight needs to be planned. In order to protect the oak cosmetics in the kitchen or the bathtub bleach, you can get gray or bronze glass that blocks the sun's ultraviolet rays. So the location of the skylight is also need to choose carefully.

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