Make Your Blinds Safer For Kids

Nov. 04, 2016

Based on the post of Washington Post “Kids are struggling on  blind cords when we’ve known for years they’re dangerous”  (posted on April 15, 2016), we have known a sad story. 7 years old  boy Adam was killed by the blind cords this March at home. It is  not the first accident, and the worst fact is it has not been  stopped. 

After investigation, there is a disppointed information: More than  300 children has been tangled in blind cords in past 30 years.  Almost 300 children did not die, but they were injured, they have  sufferred permanent brain damage or quadriplegia requiring  lifelong care and therapy.


To avoid this bad matter happened again, Ikea and Target have  changed their stocks to cordless. Now Lowe’s, Home Depot and  Walmart have pledged to get the corded blinds off their shelves by 2018.

Window Blinds

How to make the blinds safer for kids, Sophshine thinks that the accident should have ended in the preliminary design.

1 There is no cords outside of the products that kids can reach;

2 The manual operation type blinds is only operated by handel, there is no any harm for kids.

3 The motorized type blinds is safe for kids and human because the voltage is only DC 24V.

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