Upgrade Hotel Level For More Satisfication (I)

Jan. 18, 2017

How crazy for people loving traveling now. People today travel more frequently than before, eithor for business or for tourism. Hotel is necessary to our life. More and more hotel came our today with big competition. With the development of economy, the living level is devleoped rapidly. People pay more attention to the details of hotel room, and they have higher requirement for the room facilities.

There was a problem of the partition of the washing room with bedroom. Normally, to make the space looks bigger, we always use glass for partition. It looks fine. But when your roommate needs washing room ,then there is embarrassment.

Now, you may say let me add a curtain for the partition. Ok, let see the below picture. The problem is when you are in washing room, you want to close the curtain, but at that important time, you find you need go out to bedroo for it. The embarrasment come again.


Now, do not worry it again. We provide you a better choice for it. That is Sophshine Model S03 Electronic control cellular shades closed together to the bottom


Name: Motorized Cellular Shades between glasses

Description: Electronic control cellular shades closed together to the bottom

Slot (width: 40mm)

Tempering Glass (thickness optional: 5, 6, 8, 12mm)

Black Glue (thickness: 8mm)

Cellular Shades (full shading or half shading)

Minimum Size: 315mm* 200mm

Maximum Size: 1500mm*1500mm (for roof)

1500mm*2500mm (for window/door/wall)

Products Thickness: 5mm+27A+5mm (standard)

Operating Voltage: 24V

It is the best choice for your hotel room partition. It makes room looks big and tidy, and it give better private space. Hope you love it.

Sophshine, think over more for you.