Partition For Office

Jan. 18, 2017

Let look at the modern office as below:




How do you think of it? It is brighter, cleaner and tidier. It can keep your office space private with more modern experience.

We advice you choose Sophshine Model S05 for your office partition. Blinds can be tilted in 180 degrees to make lights 


Model: S05

Name: Magnetically Operated Blinds Between Glasses

Description: Tilt & Lift -magnetically operated blinds closed together to the top (Handels on both sides)

Slot (width: 33mm)

Blinds (width:12.5mm, thickness: 0.18mm)

Tilt Handle (adjust the angle of blinds)

Black Glue (thickness: 8mm)

Lift Handle (adjust the height of blinds)

Tempering Glass (thickness optional: 4, 5, 6,8,12mm)

Hollow Thickness:19A

Products Thickness: 4mm+19A+5mm (standard)

Minimum Size: 200mm* 530mm

Maximum Size: 1200mm*2300mm