The Purchase of Electric Blinds

Nov. 12, 2016

Today, electric blinds have been into the thousands of households, electric shutters add a lot of practicality for home because of the excellent performance

Before we buy, we must first clear the purpose of blinds, privacy protection? light blocking? thermal enhancement or simple decoration? 

If the window is facing east or west, shade is the most important use of electric blinds. Shade curtains can not only block the strong light, but also maintain the brightness of the interior, which is taking into account environmental protection and energy conservation. 

If the bedroom and the bathroom need to set in the blinds between the glass, the main purpose is privacy. Therefore, we need to consider the color and thickness of the electric blinds in the selection of electric blinds. Especially in the evening after opening the lights, the outside is not visible activities inside the room.

If you buy electric blinds used in the living room, kitchen and study room, can choose a relatively thin electric blinds. both need good light transmission, but also need to block the outside line of sight.