Manual Magnetically Controlled Blinds and Electric Remote Control Blinds

Nov. 24, 2016

Manual magnetically controlled hollow blinds use the hollow built-in magnetic block control way, the new way can ensure the appearance, and easy to operate and environmental health. It uses all-glass and pure venetian blinds, at the same time with a variety of different colors of the film, can be customized according to the required style, fully meet the individual needs. This product is widely used in sliding doors, folding doors and so on. Widely used in office partition, home office doors and windows, hotel bathroom, hospitals, villas, sun room and so on.

Electric remote control blinds use the form of automatic, through the wireless remote control to control the blinds. Greatly improving the operation of the product convenience and aesthetics. Our products will be tested several times before exporting, still perfectly normal use. The product is widely used in high-end hotels, office buildings, hospitals and other curtain walls, windows, doors.

Electric Remote Control Blinds