Magnetically Controlled Blind Features

Dec. 12, 2016

1.Shading -- Magnetically controlled blind is installed into the hollow glass can adjust the angle of the louvres, natural lighting, fully shade and other functions.

2.Environmental protection -- Whether the blinds or glass do not produce any pollution in the production and use process, and because the shutters in the sealed glass, the permanent seal ensure that the permanent clean leaves without contamination, to avoid the complex cleaning work.

3.Energy-saving -- As the insulating glass heat transfer coefficient is lower than the single-layer glass, in the summer, louvers can block sunlight, reduce indoor temperature; Winter, adjust the angle of the louver heating, can improve the indoor temperature. Therefore, both the use of air conditioning or heating, the use of insulating glass Louvre can make a significant reduction in energy consumption.

4.Security -- Because the blind insulating glass replaces the traditional cloth curtains, so greatly reduce the fire hazard. 

5.Dust-proof anti-fume pollution -- The product has dust-proof, anti-fume, anti-pollution advantages, and due to the use of high-tech magnetic induction drive system, so that the closed leaves open up and down more easily.

6.anti-frost -- In the more cold areas, due to large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the general system of glass doors and windows will appear frost phenomenon. The use of blind between glass system, due to its good air tightness and watertightness, which cut off the wetting phenomenon, effectively avoiding the frost on the windows and doors glass system.

magnetically operated blinds between glasses