How to Put Down The Blinds Easily?

Jan. 04, 2017

Window blinds are often used in the curtains style in our home decoration, but shutters will be got stuck. We are introduced, how can cleverly put down the blinds?

In fact, blinds frame rails have a card bead, the friction rope and card beads to stuck the rope beads, and then shutters will be fixed in the position you want to live. If you want to put it down, it is very simple, as long as the rope to the right angle of 45 degrees, a little harder, then you will hear the sound of card beads fall, and then you keep the angle static, release the rope, so shutters can be put down.

Of course, if you want to stop the louvers in a certain location, then you do not let go of the rope, then slowly put the rope vertically.

For safety and convenience, we can choose electronic control blinds, motorized cellular shades between the glass.

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