Why Does The Office Recommend Electric Blinds?

Jan. 11, 2017

Electric control blinds have been replaced by the status of curtains in many building decoration, especially in the office space, we recommend to choose electric blinds to replace the curtains, the following reasons for the use of electric shutters.

1.Transmittance: Because the office space does not need too strong light, strong light is not good for the office staff's eyes, so the use of electric blinds can better meet the indoor lighting needs.

2.Intelligence: Everyone in the office space is busy, and more time should be spent on work or relaxation. The electric blinds can save a lot of manual switch window time, so more intelligent.

3.Aesthetics: Curtains have a certain impact on the style of decoration, electric shutters have the better applicability for the office space.

4.Ventilation: The use of curtain ventilation will lead to some flutter, will lead to too much light into the room. The electric blinds do not have to consider the problem, ventilation and lighting can be both.

5.Resist UV: compared to ordinary curtains, electric shutters can block the UV ability well.

If you would like to purchase electric blinds, please contact our factory, you can  visit the factory, I believe that our production strength will let you choose us.