The Privacy Protection Effect of Window Blinds

Jan. 16, 2017

Blinds have many advantages, such as protecting the privacy, blinds louvers are designed in the direction of convex and concave, so it can effectively block the line of sight of the outside, ensure the lighting effect, at the same time, the external situation can be displayed. And the people inside the house will not be refracted the shadow when they close to the blinds.

At the same time, the window blinds are relatively clean, the blinds have the role of warm in the winter and summer. It itself is the use of insulation materials, can effectively guarantee the indoor temperature, can effectively save energy. In addition, the blinds are free to adjust the angle, the intake of light control meet our requirements. If use the window blinds, can also block the external UV, to prevent the furniture fade and other aspects because of the ultraviolet light, it can ensure better insulation effect.

If you need, we can provide more shutters, such as: motorized cellular shades and electronic control skylights.

Magnetically Operated Blinds