The Features of Electric Shutters on Buildings

Jan. 18, 2017

Electric control blinds are made up of motors, rope reels and mechanical stoppers, which are driven by DC motors. In recent years has been a breakthrough, can be operated arbitrarily in the course.

Electric blinds can automatically adjust the indoor light to ensure a good comfort feeling, electric blinds can effectively block the UV, can play a very good insulation effect, more energy conservation. There are many ways to control the system, you can use ordinary wire-controlled switch control, wireless remote control, timing control, the customer can choose according to demand.

In the office space, conference rooms, stadiums, family homes can install electric blinds, because it is simple and neat, so more popular. Electric blinds made of the shape of the louvers, so you can attract more customers. Electric blind motor noise is small, stroke control is more precise, according to the weight and size of curtains to select the motor model.