Built-in Magnetically Operated Blinds

Feb. 14, 2017

The leaf is a style of the window, originated in China. With the development of society and people's living standards, aluminum blinds are more and more popular with people in the modern home decoration, it is a kind of blinds with handsome appearance, is one of the reasons for modern popularity.

Ordinary blinds can only do mechanical linkage, no sealing effect, and long time use the blinds is not easy to clean, mechanical parts are easy to damage. Now there is a built-in magnetic control blinds, which includes a window frame, the inside and outside of the window frame through the glass seal to form a hollow structure. The hollow structure is provided with a louver mechanism, the window frame is provided with a controller for controlling the shutters. It can extend the life of the blinds, while use louver movements to adjust the angle of view. Its internal use of hollow structure, louvers stay in the sealed environment, no-clean, can be used for a long time.

Built-in Magnetic Control Blind