Window Blinds Can Prevent Rain

Feb. 24, 2017

Rainproof window blinds are used for ventilation and air conditioning and other public occasions. It is equipped with rainproof blades and side frames with drip boxes and streamlined adjustment blades. It not only has the advantages of single-layer rain shutters, and the staff can also adjust the opening of the rain shutters according to the indoor temperature or ventilation requirements. Can adjust the indoor light, and resist the ultraviolet, the overall arrangement of the horizontal lines not only do not break the monotonous plane layout form, but also bring changes for modern simple space.

Mainly used for large shopping malls, exhibition halls, garages and other places of the facade and top shade, at the same time it has the role of anti-theft insurance. Rainfall blinds is the biggest characteristic of different angles of light to be arbitrary regulation, so that the indoor light are more natural.