What Are The General Use of Blinds?

Mar. 21, 2017

In our life, people often choose this type of blinds window in the decoration, but some people just think it plays a decorative role, for its other role and use is not very clear, let's take a brief introduction.

First of all, the blinds are generally used for external windows, it is conducive to the exclusion of indoor hot air or exhaust gas, if you are using ordinary windows, is not conducive to the exhaust gas or temperature, so many people choose the blinds. Because the design of the blinds, it is all the leaves down, and each leaf also has a certain gap between the leaves, so that you can play the effect of shelter, rain is not easy to divert.

Second, blinds can also improve the local lighting conditions, and also play a blocking ultraviolet function, therefore also protect the house furniture surface prevent aging. 

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