The Advantages of Electronic Control Skylight

Apr. 15, 2017

The electronic control skylight is driven by the motor, the switch button can control the window blinds automatically. If your house has a lighting sunroof, we can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.Electronic Control Skylight

Advantage one: Lighting sunroof change the traditional form of ventilation, the wind came in to form a stream of air, replace the room turbid air and hot air, to achieve the purpose of ventilation, so that the house always keep fresh air, make your life feel fun.

Advantages two: can quickly remove the room fog, especially in the summer and autumn. Let the room get more sunshine.

Advantages three: The electronic control skylight has energy-saving effect. In the hot summer, the whole house in the sun exposure, the room temperature can easily reach about 40 ℃. Open the door, a heat wave will be blowing, for many people, open the air conditioning to reduce the room temperature. In fact, if your house is equipped with lighting electric sunroof, just open the electric sunroof, the use of the principle of hot air up to achieve cooling, saving energy, but also meet the low-carbon economy!