The Four Major Advantages of Electric Blinds

Apr. 17, 2017

The electric control blinds were invented by the Americans, whose name was John Hampson, on August 21, 1841 he received the patent for the electric blinds. Blinds are generally relatively wide, generally used for indoor and outdoor shade, ventilation. In the modern home decoration, more and more people began to choose electric shutters, shutters used in the living room, bedroom and other major places, and played a good decorative role.

Advantage of one, can be customized, electric blinds can be modulated according to the needs of the individual light.

Advantage of two, non-stick dust mites, cloth curtains are easy to stick to dust mites. The blinds will not only stick to dust mites, but also to achieve the greatest ventilation effect. Especially electric blinds between glass.

Advantage of three, cost savings, the same area of the window, the blinds are the actual area of the windows, so the blinds are more economical than cloth curtains.

Advantage of four, fashion, shutters can give you a new look, fashionable and novel.