The Quality of The Window Blinds

Apr. 21, 2017

When we buy the window blinds, especially built-in window blinds, the general consideration factors is very much, such as its appearance, performance and price quality, these are the need to weigh, in real life, many people can not master the quality accurately. Today we come to talk the general method to determine quality.

First, the observation of the color, in the production of shutters, finally need to have a basic treatment of its color, but this color is the most able to reflect the problem, when we are watching, we should pay attention to something, if there is uneven color or impure color, or it is the rope and the blinds are not the same color, we have to consider may be poor shutters. Followed by its opening and closing function, this step is the need for us to practice, because for many shutters, the opening and closing is not flexible, it is actually very unfavorable, because it is easy to cause damage.

Built-in Window Blinds