Residential Magnetic Control Blinds

Apr. 26, 2017

First of all, to determine the requirements of doors and windows materials, built-in window blinds adding louvers, so the total thickness of the insulating glass increased, magnetic control blinds generally use the form of 5 +19 A +5, so the total thickness of insulating glass is about 29.5mm. So window profile at least 35mm. Glass pressure line should be in the indoor side.

Provide window diagram and the glass size, which is conducive to determine the external structure of the magnetic blinds and rails position. Handle should avoid opening fan, so as not to affect the operation. Then determine the color of louvres, magnetic hollow built-in blinds curtain width is 12.5mm. We also need determine the glass form and the glass size. After all confirmed, we will begin production and shipping.

magnetically operated blinds between glass