Cellular Shades Control System

May. 16, 2017

Honeycomb curtain control system also has ordinary electric and intelligent form, intelligent form can also be connected to the centralized controller to receive centralized controller command. Ordinary electric version of the controller can control the cellular shades to open and close. Intelligent version of the wall controller equipped with a smart algorithm module, the controller can automatically adjust the shade according to the outdoor environment state. 

Automatic sensing winter and summer, different seasons have different requirements of light and shade, summer sunny day should close the honeycomb curtain, as much as possible to reflect the sun's direct light back, cloudy day to automatically open the honeycomb curtain to increase indoor light. In the winter, open the electronic control cellular shades, as much as possible to introduce sunlight into the room, at the night automatically shut down to ensure user privacy.

Electronic Control Cellular Shades