Magnetic Blind Is Used in Efficient Buildings

Nov. 29, 2018

Building energy consumption is mainly in air conditioning and heating. The main measures of building energy saving are to improve the insulation performance of building insulation and heating, air conditioning and refrigeration heating system efficiency, increase the indoor and outdoor energy exchange heat resistance, need to reduce the heating system. Magnetic control built-in blinds just to do a good thermal insulation performance.

Magnetic control built-in blinds is a new energy-saving products, combined the traditional blinds and hollow glass, not only to save the use of space, but also to achieve insulating glass insulation and blinds shade comprehensive performance. The magnetic control blinds are controlled by the magnetic induction handle, so the louvers can be lifted and lowered.

Magnetically controlled blinds can be used in all energy-efficient buildings, senior villas, homes, apartments, office buildings, government offices, hospitals, schools, libraries and so on.