The Wide Application of Magnetically Operated Blind

Nov. 29, 2018

Magnetic blinds meet the needs of environmental protection and energy conservation around the world, overcome the defects of the blind with mechanical transmission way, through the magnetic physical principle transmission method, solved the hollow glass sealing problem, achieved the superior performance of energy saving, heat insulation, blocking ultraviolet anti-Cream, anti-dust, anti-fumes, anti-virus and other performances.

Built-in window blinds can be achieved to adjust the natural light, completely shade or diffuse light, while ensuring that the louvres are bright and clean, giving you a simple but not simple line of sight. You can keep the room clean and comfortable, creating a private space full of personality.

Magnetically operated blinds are widely used in building windows, building doors, office partitions, curtain walls, air conditioning windows, etc., is the preferred products to build envelope shade.