Cleverly Set Energy-saving Skylights Make Sun Room

Nov. 29, 2018

Skylight function is not only to increase the beauty of the house, the energy efficiency of the skylight is important. Of course, only choose a reasonable skylight to create a cool summer sun room.

Rectangular skylight is a common form of skylight. It consists of a sash on a sunroof frame mounted on a roof truss. Slippers can generally open, but also the role of ventilation. In essence, the rectangular skylight is equivalent to the high side window of the raised position, and its lighting characteristics are similar to those of the high side window.

The material of the skylight is also an important factor. Our advice is electronic control skylight, this can be adjusted the angle of the louvers to adjust the degree of light transmission, in the summer, block the heat of the outside, in the winter, it can save the indoor heating, play a role in energy conservation perfectly.