Electronic Control Cellular Shades

Nov. 29, 2018

Honeycomb curtains came from the world's perfect building - honeycomb design, unique honeycomb structure, so that the air stored in the hollow layer, so that the room to keep warm. Its anti-ultraviolet and heat insulation function to effectively protect household goods, anti-static treatment, easy to wash. More electronic control cellular shades, simple operation, filling the perfect. Applicable to villas home, star hotels, office buildings and other places.

Full shade honeycomb curtain

Full shade honeycomb curtain is a honeycomb curtain of a style, with insulation and noise, can effectively keep the room temperature and quiet space. Because of its full shading design, can effectively protect privacy, the product has a variety of colors to choose, as well as semi-shading design, mainly for restaurants, bathrooms and garage windows.

Semi-shade honeycomb curtains

Semi-shade honeycomb curtains with classic pleated curtain design combined with honeycomb curtain function and elegance, is a near-perfect window trim products. The honeycomb curtain can move freely in the track without the bottom slot, can prevent the light entering the bedroom, can also reflect the light completely, it has the ability to make the room dark during the day.